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Written by lisaspitzer on . Posted in Dow Corning Breast Implant Stories and Sharing

Breast Implant Helpline is always looking for sories to share with our readers regarding the  Mentor, Dow Corning Breast implants, others. Women have had theor live ruined by auto immune diseases. Here are some of their stories.

saw breast implants turn my ex-wife (she had them when we married) from an active, fit athletic individual to a woman who can barely climb stairs or stand on her feet for a prolonged period of time. They are a terrible product whose marketers capitalize on the insecurities of woman who have been made to feel inferior because they don't look like they've stepped out of PLAYBOY!
L. Green

I am a 3rd year medical student, struggling to get through the physically rigorous clinical clerkships (I am a good student– scored in top 5 % on national boards) because of chronic fatigue syndrome (CHANGE THE NAME!) and fibromyalgia. These illnesses began in 1993, 4 years after I had Mentor silicone breast implants put in. For years, I pooh-poohed and exercised denial regarding the risks of silicone. But once I opened my eyes and saw that the complaints of women with SBI were the SAME as MINE,

I began to frantically dig through the scientific literature. I was and am deeply disturbed that proper studies of the risks have yet to be done. The Mayo clinic has just perpetrated an unforgivable crime on the medical and scientific world by publishing their most recent study on "local complications" of SBI, in which they FORGET to say that their prior (much quoted by implant manufacturers) study of "classical" connective tissue disease and SBI DID NOT EXAMINE THE RISK of "non-classical" diseases, eg CFS and FM (the very illnesses most often claimed to be related to SBI, and the FORGOT to tell the reader than their sample size was too small to find even a doubling of risk of the rare disease scleroderma. Maybe their selective memory was related to the support they received from implant manufactur- ers? (This support is acknowledged on the first page of the article). Worse, to me, is that the NEW ENGLAND JOURNAL OF MEDICINE would publish this article with its clear corporate bias in place.

I have seen sufficient evidence in the scientific and medical literature to convince me that there is a real and likely possibility that silicone can cause immune related disorders. That proper epidemiological studies have not yet been done is NOT PROOF that there is no problem. Opponents of silicone disease theory cite the "monetary motivations" of the sick women.This ignores the fact that a lot of these sick women have lost their livelihood and have to fight tooth and nail just to get meager disability benefits. For the vast majority, significant compen- sation from implant manufacturers remains a distant dream (Dow bankruptcy) or impossibility (Mentor settlement allowed a maximum of $1500 compensation per patient–doesn't even pay the cost of explantation).

As an "implant victim" I don't expect to reap millions. But I would like knowledge about silicone related disease to be viewed objectively, so that thousands of people can get appropriate medical care, support and disability benefits, and so that research can begin on TREATMENT for these illnesses.

I think they make many people sick. I think it takes years for most women, but some react with in the first couple. I know in my case it was the chemicals. I have a intense chemical sensitivity that started with in a year after implantation. My body was trying to tell me something. I had all these allergies very suddenly, that I never had before. I know it took years (9) years to trigger full-blown fibromyalgia and 10 to put me into sudden unexplainable menopause in 2 months time. I have had them out for several months and am feeling a little better. It will take me years to repair the damage done to who all knows what and just hope my body will heal itself with taking care of myself and good wholistic medicine. Any one reading this thats thinking about doing it really research it. I'd give any thing to go back 12 years ago and do it over. I miss my active healthy life style. I miss feeling good. It takes many years for it to wear you down. Your always sick or aching but you just don't make the connection until they rupture and you can't eat food because your so allergic to every thing. The body aches (fibromyalgia) make it impossible to exercise like you use to. Just really think about it. I found out breasts weren't worth the price I paid. I think I would have been better off to have never had them, it was devastating to have to make that choice of should I explant or not. They build your self image only to tear you up in the end. Invest in those inserts for your bras. They are damn near the same thing only you won't be exposed in such a toxic way. Last but not least. Teach your sons and daughters the cup size of a woman is not nearly as important as your soul and heart. I wish I would have had not taken to heart all the cruel flat-chest jokes and comments I endured in my life. It cut deep and I made that fatal mistake of falling for the scam of a womanly body image. I will always feel less of a woman because of the standards we are faced with on a daily basis. Of course we all know 75% of the are augmented any way. Just think carefully and open your eyes up.
Thanks for listening.

My Dow corning Implants were removed May 1992, My good days are fewer and fewer. All the doctors I have seen, just thinks that I have inherit these diseases. There is no getting well from the destruction the Dow Corning Breast Implants have done to all of us.

I had mastectomies at the age of 29. I thought that implants were a God send. Now I feel like an idiot. I have been very ill for over four years. Wish that someone would believe us so we could get the funding for research to find a way to get better. At the age of forty, and once being a workaholic and owning my own business, its a hard pill to swallow that my main goal now would to be to be able to hold my three month old granddaughter pain free! Just so I could fully enjoy her. I know that there are so many of "us" that are worse off than me. But I see a drastic change from year to year. The others that I have talked with have told me that it took anywhere from three to five years to feel better after explantation. Well, it's been four years for me and I have gotten progressively worse. But through talking to others, and reading all of the newer reports that are out, we (myself and family) have come to the conclusion that even though I have had my silicone implants removed, I did have them replaced with saline. Now we have come to learn that the envelope holding the saline gel is made of silicone, and over time the envelope will break down and fragements will migrate through the body. Which would certainly explain why I have continued to worsen, when I should have been getting better. So ladies, if you are considering saline implants, please do not trust your doctor. Just read the new abstracts and other reports, and I do believe you will make your own conclusion. My mastectomies were a very serious operation. But I must tell you that the explantation was much more severe, and took much longer to recover from. You loose feeling and cant wash or feed yourself for quite awhile. You will loose muscle, lymphnodes, breast tissue (if you have any), and they must remove the capsule. The recovery is unbelievably painful. Now I have to go through this again. I am scared to death! If you feel that it is worth going through this sever operation over and over again, then by all means, have the implants put in. You have so much to look forward too! Thank you for the opportunity to spout off. Best wishes, Lori ______________________________________

Well my mother has had implants since 1982 and she is now suffering many different ailments which her doctors are saying are a result of the implants, So as you can probably guess I am not a supporter.
El Paso, TX

Women should be discouraged from having ANY form of implant as they are not safe. I had silicone for thirteen years and both had ruptured. No-one told me that they had a limited life span or that they contained a lethal chemical cocktail which would be absorbed into my body. I am totally digusted at the medical professions unwillingness to verify what many know to be true – we are sick and they know it. Until some decent doctor stands up with irrefutable proof that we are ill with atypical diseases then we are stick with being labelled neurotic idiots. The manufacturers have a lot to answer for and one day they will.
Phoenix, AZ

The past implants have caused women many problems including myself. I think that the saline filled implants are safer but once again there is the bag that holds the saline. Who really knows?

I do not have enough information on the matter to make a conclusion. I would like to know more about the possibilities of Soy Bean implants and if they will be approved in the US. I hear you can still get mammograms with the soy bean implants. How dangerous are the saline implants? You don't hear much abouth those. It's really great that you have this website to help people become more knowledgeable..
Mesquite, TX

I am trying to get information for a research paper on breast implants. I would greatly appreciate anyone e-mailing me on any personal information or facts that you have about breast implants. Thanks

As we search for information on our Journey to Justice, we are bound by all that is morally right to stop the wholesale poisoning of thousands more women. Our young girls are being taunted and teased with the "bimbo" image. Young woman, when the plastic surgeon says he can change your live and turn it around, he is serious. Before long, you will be in our shoes and there will be days when you will feel fortunate to crawl. I cannot turn back the clock and regain my health but I can do my part to insure another generation of women do not suffer as we are doing today. Your plastic surgeon's interest in your health ends at your purse. How else could he have the ocean front summer home, climb mountains in far away countries, and drive a Mercedes?
Pansy Drew

I have had silicone implants since 1973. There is no doubt that they make you ill.I was in the mdl until dow filed bankruptcy. My records disappeared a long time ago. I am trying to prove that i had dow and do not know how to do that. I don't know how many other women out there have this problem. I would like to hear from someone that may have any info that would help me. For years I have been ill. For years I was told it was all in my head. In 1993 I had them replaced with silicone[I know] the m.d. had to scrape with hands ,etc. to collect all the spilled silicone. I certainly would not have replaced them had I been awake to see that The info at that time was scarce and I trusted the m. d. afterall it was always in my head.Thank you any help would be appreciated.

As I have previously said, this is the worst disaster on the human life since the Vietnam War. We women have been mentally and physically raped by this disease and the manufacturers, especially Dow! I have been sick for over 10 years, and I had the junkiest, dirtiest, Dow implants inserted into my body in 1975. I was a nurse, had a mastectomy, and I believed in our FDA, our doctors, and that we were protected from product problems. I and countless other women were fed lie after lie! I live in a small town, where I grew up, and am now 50 years old, and cannot be treated at the hospital where I once worked as a nurse. All due to the bad publicity, and the cover-up by Dow. I truly believe that all the men involved in making these implants, all the executives, their lawyers, etc. should agree to let me inject 40cc. of this very toxic silicone into their bodies, I really don't care where,( but I could think of some great areas) and then Mr. Hotshot, you must leave them in for 7 years, no matter how sick you get. Then you must beg someone to help you because you want them out yet you can't afford the surgery. Then your wife leaves you because you can no longer work, and you feel so bad that your a bore to be around, and guess what? Everyone thinks your crazy! Now the place in your anatomy that I was thinking of injecting this toxic silicone into you is a place that has deformed you so that you no longer feel like a man, and can't function as one either, so now your wife is GONE! You now lose your job, your nerves are shot, you can't even open a beer bottle! You are trying desperately to get your social security disability and they are taking their own sweet time. Meanwhile medical bills are piling up, you loose your house, you start selling your gold, jewelry, furniture, sell your car(and settle for just wheels to get to the Dr. and back). You can't sleep at night, you have pain in all parts of your body, you have to go through painful neurological testing to determine how much silicone is in your bra! in. People look at you like you did this just to look better, they tell you that no one would put silicone into your body if it wasn't safe. You see all they have to read and see on TV. is what YOU PAID TO BE SAID OR PRINTED. You LOSE, AND YOU ARE GOING TO DIE FROM YOUR CRUEL GREEDY, GAME. When this 40 cc. of silicone that I have in my body, finally does enough damage to cause my death, I know where I am going for eternity because I am a Christian and I will be in heaven with all my other silicone sisters and children. But God already has a plan for you and it won't be in heaven! You have mutilated, maimed, and yes killed us women and now children. You don't mess with God's handiwork. May God have mercy on your evil, greedy, lying soul!!!

I had Dow Corning imparts put in in 1974. I was a healthy 32 yr. old woman who just wanted to look my best. 4 years later I had colon cancer and I've had Systemic Lupus since. I have had 12 surgeries for various adhesions and nerve entrapment. I had the implants removed in 1994. Up until that time no one would admit it could be the implants causing any problems. I must take Prednisone and Plaquenil, plus many other drugs and narcotic painkillers every day. If I had only been given even SOME of the facts, I would have never even considered these terrible products. It was indeed a tragedy and a con job on American women.
Levelland, TX

I have had silicone implants since 1987. Diagnosed with SLE in 10/96. Currenting negotiating with insurance company for explantation. My biggest complaint of this whole mess is "informed consent". We should have been informed as to what possible/probable debilitating effecting silicone implants would have on our bodies before we made the decision to have them. Thanks for listening

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